Trudeau, Ford caught posing for Flaherty funeral 'selfies'

Justin Trudeau gets his picture taken with an unknown person at the State Funeral for Jim Flaherty that took place at St. James Cathedral on April 16, 2014 in Toronto

Credits: Veronica Henri/Toronto Sun/QMI Agency


On Wednesday afternoon during a somber ceremony, Canada's former finance minister was laid to rest.

The message of funeral etiquette however appears to have been lost on Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

Upon arriving at the funeral, Trudeau was caught on camera posing for 'selfies' with his admirers outside St. James' Cathedral.

Trudeau appears smiling broadly, along with a woman in one of the photographs.

This distasteful behaviour, the latest in a long line of Trudeau gaffes, is bound to raise the eyebrows of Canadians of all stripes - particularly considering Jim Flaherty was often credited as a man who brought "decency" to politics.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was also caught posing for a photo outside the solemn event.

Sun Media contacted Trudeau's office for comment and his press secretary Kate Purchase responded on Twitter.

"A passerby asked Justin Trudeau on the street for a photo and he agreed. Nothing more to it," Purchase tweeted. "To assert that Justin Trudeau was disrespectful at Mr. Flaherty's funeral is ridiculous."

A video featuring footage outside St. James Cathedral in Toronto was posted to a Conservative supporter's blog.

The post on BC Blue says the video shows Trudeau "veering off to take a photo with an adoring fan."

The writer asks if Trudeau is "trying to out-crass Obama," and posted a photo of U.S. President Barack Obama taking a photo with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela.

Trudeau was also blasted on Twitter for the photo.

"Justin's funeral selfie has made me snap. Disrespectful. Awful. Highlights the amazing lack of class and judgment of Li-brat Trudeau again," Suzanne Sexton wrote.

User Yvh1 wrote, "Nice going Justin Trudeau on posing for a selfie at Jim Flaherty's funeral today. Shows what kind of class you are."

Flaherty died suddenly of a heart attack on April 10 in Ottawa, mere weeks after retiring from his post as finance minister. Flaherty was first elected as a member of provincial politics in 1995, before switching to federal politics in 2006.

He is survived by his wife Christine Elliott, and their triplet sons John, Galen, and Quinn.

-- With files from QMI Agency

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