Alouettes' player charged with domestic violence

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MONTREAL - Montreal Alouettes defensive tackle Ventrell Jenkins was still being detained by police on Sunday while his fiance was recovering from injuries she suffered after he allegedly beat her to the point where she was unrecognizable.

South Carolina police arrested Jenkins, 27, early Wednesday at his residence in the city of Columbia.

He has been charged with criminal domestic violence and resisting arrest, and is being held on an $110,000 bond. He was still being held by the Lexington County Sheriff office as of Sunday evening.

According to the police report, cops caught Jenkins punching fiance Deidre Hudson, 44, repeatedly in the face while saying, "I love you."

Jenkins, who was born in South Carolina, was back in his home state after suffering a knee injury in September, surgery for which was expected to keep him out of the Als lineup for the remainder of the post-season.

Maj. John Allard of the Lexington County Sheriff's Department told QMI Agency on Sunday that Hudson's injuries are not life-threatening. QMI Agency was unable to reach the hospital where she is staying, nor to contact her family.

Police reportedly found Hudson beaten so badly they could not recognize her, according to the report.
Hudson is a 44-year-old doctor who specializes in family medicine. Emergency workers transported her to the same hospital where she works, Palmetto Health Richmond hospital in Columbia.

The reporting officer noted that Hudson "had severe lacerations to her face, extreme swelling to the right side of her face and bruising to the point of her being unrecognizable."

The Montreal Alouettes organization did not want to comment on the case.

A spokesperson for the team refused to say if the Als have been in contact with Jenkins since his arrest.

The Lexington County police report is damning for Jenkins.

Reporting officer Alex James Mountzouros described how police came close to shooting Jenkins due to how strongly the footballer resisted arrest.

Mountzouros said in the report that police tasered Jenkins multiple times but the 285-pound defensive tackle was "unaffected."

Police used three handcuffs and had to hobble Jenkins' feet in order to subdue him, the report said.
Two police offers were also reportedly bitten by Jenkins's pit bull and had to be treated in hospital for bite wounds.

Allard said that the Lexington Sheriff's department had not previously investigated domestic violence incidents between Jenkins and Hudson.

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