Stamps fans bemoan Toronto Argos' 'blowout' win

The Grey Cup is hoisted by the Toronto Argonauts after they defeated the Calgary Stampeders in the 100th CFL Grey Cup championship football game in Toronto, Nov. 25, 2012.

Credits: REUTERS/Mark Blinch


CALGARY -- Frazzled red and white hair flew across Eric Drury's booth Sunday night, his wig tossed to the floor as it became clear his team wasn't going to turn it around.

The mood changed at Shark Club in the closing moments of the 100th Grey Cup, which saw the Calgary Stampeders battle the Toronto Argonauts.

Until then, while the Stamps were down, the near-300 fans packed into the southeast Calgary sports bar remained convinced the hometown boys would somehow, some way manage to come out on top.
"I'm frustrated," Drury said, scowling beneath face paint.

"It would have been better if Calgary won, for one ... (but) I'm frustrated it wasn't closer. I'd have given Toronto their props if this was a harder-fought battle, but unfortunately this has been -- for the most part -- a blowout."

Which was the shame of it, Brett Kondr said.

He was proud Calgary not only made it to the Grey Cup, but also the 100th Grey Cup.

He didn't see the point in a bitter ending for what he felt had been a solid season.

"They look like they haven't played together before or something ... they didn't put forth their best effort in the biggest game," he said.

Outside, having a smoke between quarters, Darryl Park said the night had been a good time out with friends, but they "wanted a good showing," and Sunday night they didn't think the Stamps were doing that.

They felt the Stamps were just blowing it every which way.

"I don't believe that they've shown that they deserve the Grey Cup," Park said.

Nearly at standing room only, it was a sea of red jerseys from wall to wall.

Shark Club manager Julio Berosa said it was a great night for business, but with the Grey Cup playing on dozens of screens big and small, he wasn't very surprised.

He called Sunday an amazing night spent with the craziest fans.

Fans including the employees -- bartender Josh Headrick's a Calgary boy, born and bred, and was one of the many holding out hope for a Stamps win.

But you try working with the Grey Cup playing all around you on every screen in the house, he said.

"I have been standing around watching it, I'm not going to lie," Headrick said.

"As long as I'm still pouring drinks, you're fine."

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