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Trudeau 2.0 is no upgrade

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau takes part in sand castle building competition on the Sparks Street Mall. Wednesday June 13,2012.



In the backroom sweatshops of federal politics, Sun Media's resident lefty liberal, Warren Kinsella, is in a class of his own.

We'll leave it there, other than to say Kinsella is a master of creating the illusion that a sow's ear is actually a silk purse.

Example? Justin Trudeau.

In his weekend column, Kinsella gave 10 reasons why Trudeau is a "winner," and why his party, the Liberal Party of Canada, should choose such a vacuous entity to lead them out of the wilderness now that Bob Rae has realized he is no Moses.

It was quite the spin job.

We have been long believers that you cannot con a con, but you can con the public.

Who, for example, would have predicted Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty -- Premier Dad or, better yet, Deadbeat Daddy Dalton -- would be re-elected with a strong minority after his years playing Pinocchio with politics, after turning Ontario into a have-not province, and after so many scandals (eHealth, the air ambulance fiasco), as well as his disastrous embracing of the unsustainable expense of ineffective solar and wind power?

Certainly no right-thinking voter. Yet it happened.

And what about Alberta giving a majority to Premier Alison Redford, more socialist than progressive, when every pundit predicted the Wildrose Party of Danielle Smith would end the Progressive Conservatives' four decades in power.

Well, what happened there was the spinning of the fear factor. The Tory spin doctors went to work and, ripping pages from Warren Kinsella's how-to manual, made Smith's party out to be no better than the early Reformers, riddled with bigots and rednecks, while spit-polishing Redford's image to a shine.

Despite Kinsella's best efforts, our opinion of Justin Trudeau remains this: He's cute, surprisingly tough in the ring but doesn't have the intellectual heft of his old man who, in our book, was the most destructive prime minister of the 20th century.

Kinsella says Trudeau has "more charisma than the royal family and Lady Gaga combined." Kinsella lost us long before typing that ridiculous line, of course, but that's how he conjures up the silk purse.

Be wise. Listen to us instead, and treat Kinsella's ode to Justin as comic relief.

It's one reason we keep him around.

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