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EDITORIAL - Trudeau needs to grow a backbone

Justin Trudeau speaks to supporters at a rally in Mississauga, October 4, 2012.

Credits: REUTERS/Mike Cassese


Does Justin Trudeau not understand the threat posed to Canadian values by Islamists? 

Last year, the would-be Liberal leader made the ridiculous argument that Canada was wrong to describe honour killings and female circumcision as “barbaric” in an updated citizenship guide.

According to Trudeau — before he beat a hasty retreat in the face of almost universal condemnation — the use of the term “barbaric” was too harsh to describe these abhorrent practices subscribed to by Islamic radicals, among others.

Now, he’s ignoring advice from moderate Muslims like Toronto Sun columnist Tarek Fatah, mainstream Muslim groups like the Muslim Canadian Congress, and Jewish organizations like B’nai Brith, to reconsider delivering the keynote address to a so-called “Revival of the Islamic Spirit” convention in Toronto, Dec. 22.

One of the main sponsors — IRFAN-Canada — had its charitable status revoked last year by the Canada Revenue Agency for “deceptive fundraising” and for its links to Hamas, which Canada considers a terrorist organization.

The CRA also noted the Islamic charity produced videos that appealed to “all Arab and Muslim nations to join in the struggle against Israel and glorify martyrdom.” (IRFAN-Canada denies the CRA allegations and has appealed its loss of charitable status.)

Salma Siddiqui, president of the Muslim Canadian Congress, said the underlying issue here is that Trudeau must stop pandering to Islamists, adding he should “first learn how to distinguish between ordinary Canadian Muslims as against Islamists who owe their loyalties to overseas, Muslim Brotherhood-influenced organizations.”

Trudeau has defended his decision by arguing he’s reaching out to Muslims.

He added politicians from all parties have spoken at the convention in the past — including the late NDP leader Jack Layton — and that Prime Minister Stephen Harper sent official greetings last year.

First off, there’s a huge difference between sending a pro forma letter and being a keynote speaker. Second, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out to Muslims.

But Trudeau’s problem is his ongoing politically correct reluctance — as indicated by his citizenship guide fiasco — to make it crystal clear to Islamists that their values are not Canada’s values.

And that’s a huge failing in anyone who aspires to be prime minister.

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