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EDITORIAL - STRAIGHT TALK: UN sets back peace process

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When the usual jackasses and jackals of the United Nations expressed their rabid hatred of western sensibilities last month regarding Israel, Canada proudly voted against them.

That said, this siding with Israel by Canada did not stop Prime Minister Stephen Harper from later phoning Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to chide him for reviving settlement plans east of Jerusalem that have been plaguing peace talks since the outset.

But when the UN formally upgraded the Palestinian Authority from a non-member observer to a non-member observer state, it was only throwing more oil on an already slippery slope.

Any chance of peace between Israel and the terrorist-controlled Hamas government using the Gaza region of Palestine as a launching pad for Israeli-bound missiles, was set back dramatically.

It was a sad day, particularly since some usually thoughtful nations - France in particular -- voted with the Communist big hitters of Russia and China, while despotic little regimes voted in their usual anti-Israel, anti-anything-western way.

We stand firmly with Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, who was in New York to voice his opposition to the UN's resolution, that such a "reward" should not come before a real peace is negotiated.

We also give him credit for temporarily recalling senior Canadian diplomats from Israel, the West Bank and UN mission in New York and Geneva to get a good handle on how Canada will now proceed in having Israel's back in an increasing hostile situation.

Just because the PLO's transformation into the Palestinian Authority gave it a modicum of undue credibility, now is also not the time to look upon Hamas as a legitimate government, despite the allusion that it was democratically elected.

To us, it is still a terrorist organization, and the Palestinian Authority is still the PLO, and bent on the destruction of Israel.

A few months before Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas got his much-coveted UN observer state status, his vitriol against Israel was in full rage, warning the international community siding with Israel to back off or else.

"Don't order us to recognize a Jewish state," Abbas said. "We won't accept it." And for this he gets rewarded by the UN?

What a farce.

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