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EDITORIAL - Redford's PCs are full of hot air

Alberta Premier Alison Redford talks to an Edmonton Sun reporter for her year-end interview at Government House in Edmonton AB, on Tuesday December 12, 2012.



In politics, it's what's known as a trial balloon.

Float something out there and if it doesn't get shot down by the great unwashed, it's an idea worth pursuing.

Premier Alison Redford set one of these trial balloons afloat earlier this week when asked about the potential for any new taxes.

"It's interesting, you know, because part of the discussions we're having this week is hearing from Albertans of course, and Albertans and constituents who spoke to the members of caucus over Christmas, and there are some people who really do not want to see that increase, and I'm one of those people.

"But surprisingly, I have heard comments saying there are Albertans saying ... all the options that are on the table."


There are Albertans out there who are telling the so-called conservative government that tax hikes are a good idea?

Names please.

It's hard to fathom any Albertan that voted for what is supposed to be a 'less-government, less-taxation' party would suddenly think digging into taxpayers' pockets a little deeper is a good plan.

The premier makes it clear that she is personally opposed to new taxes.

But this is the same premier who also ran on a promise to balance the provincial books.

The same premier whose government spent a record $43-billion last year and the same premier who will lead this province back into debt.

You could drive an oilsands heavy-hauler through the hole in her assertion that she doesn't want to hike taxes.

The premier goes on to say: "we're going to have to make some tough choices."

Yes she will.

Oil revenues are down. Spending is out of control and the scandal-plagued Tories seem to distracted to deal with the money-issues associated with running this province.

More taxes on hard-working Alberta families should not be one of those choices.

It shouldn't even be on the table.

So Albertans, grab your darts. It's time to bring down this trial balloon in convincing fashion before someone, somewhere thinks it has any sort of traction.

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