Israeli envoy arrives in Egypt for Gaza ceasefire talks

An Iron Dome launcher fires an interceptor rocket near the Israeli city of Ashkelon November 19, 2012.

Credits: REUTERS/Darren Whiteside


An Israeli envoy has arrived in Egypt for Gaza ceasefire talks as international pressure has mounted for an end to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

More than 90 Palestinians and 3 Israelis have been killed in the past week while hundreds more have been wounded.

Israeli aircrafts have struck civilian areas this week as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) targeted over 80 militant sights Sunday night, including suspected weapons reserves.

While the international community is calling for an end to Israel's airstrikes and the barrage of rocket fire Hamas is firing over the Gaza-Israel border.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made clear that the IDF is prepared to expand its military presence along the Gaza border if necessary.

Western leaders have expressed their support for Israel's right to defend itself but most are against a full-force invasion of Gaza.

"There is no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders. So we are fully supportive of Israel's right to defend itself'," said US President Barack Obama.

At an international security forum in Halifax over the weekend, hosting security experts from more than 50 countries, the Middle East conflict was high on the agenda.

"When you think about what is happening to Israel - 5000 rockets fired into their country since 9/11? What country on the planet could tolerate that?" Defence Minister Peter MacKay said at the forum.

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