Hamas song chants, “We don’t want no truce or solution - terrorize Tel Aviv”

Credits: LiveLeak


In the height of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, the internationally-recognized terrorist organization Hamas has released a song. The song, Strike a Blow at Tel Aviv, is meant to ‘defy Israel' and has gone viral through an internet video.

"We don't want no truce or solution," a male chants in Arabic over a heavy beat. "All we want is to strike a blow at Tel Aviv."

Hamas rockets hitting Israel's urban centre of Tel Aviv on November 15th marked a huge expansion in the group's weapons capabilities. It was the first time a rocket fired from the Gaza border has ever reached that far.

The song also has something to say about the international community's attempts to encourage both sides to pursue diplomatic relations in lieu of firepower and military strikes.

"Oh gulf states, shut up. All you are good at is convening conferences. Those lowlifes are not the same blood as me. We want to strike a blow at Tel Aviv."

An Israeli envoy arrived in Egypt Monday morning to discuss a Gaza ceasefire, but if this Hamas-released song is any indication, such peace talks will not be successful.

"We don't want no truce or bargain," the song re-states. "We have sworn in Gaza only to wage resistance."

Referring to the thousand of rockets fired into Israeli civilian neighbourhoods from the Gaza border, the song chants, "Strike, oh Qassam missile. Do not let the Zionists sleep. Even if they beg for mercy..."

"Allah akbar, Allah akbar, terrorize Tel Aviv."

More than 90 Palestinians and 3 Israelis have been killed in the past week while hundreds more have been wounded.

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