SHOCKING VIDEO - Thug knocks out teen girl in unprovoked attack

A screenshot from the CCTV showing a girl being punched in an unprovoked attack.

Credits: YOUTUBE


A teenage girl said she had "no idea" what happened after an apparent unprovoked attack left her motionless on a sidewalk in east London.

"The next thing," she knew, she was in an ambulance, according to the UK's Daily Mail.

In shocking footage caught on surveillance tape, a man is seen following the unknowing 16-year-old victim before knocking her unconscious with a single blow to the head, a chilling attack that saw the girl crumble to the pavement in broad daylight.

In an interview with The Telegraph, the girl, who chose to remain anonymous, said she went home to grab her cellphone when she first noticed the suspect looking at her. When she came out of her house, she saw him again and walked away.

According to London Metropolitan Police, the attack last Tuesday happened just 500 metres from the girl's home, sending her to hospital and kicking off a manhunt for the violent suspect.

The video was released this week in hopes someone will recognize the suspect.

The girl suffered bruising and cuts to her head and face, but was released from hospital the same day.

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