China builds road around house after couple refuses to leave

An elderly couple refused to sign an agreement to allow their house to be demolished.



A Chinese couple has refused to move from their house to make way for a new road, so the government built the road around them, leaving their home literally in the middle of the street.

Luo Baogen, 67, and his 65-year-old wife have been refusing to leave their home in Zhejiang province since 2008, when the government began relocating families to make way for a road, the China Daily reports.

More than 500 families began relocating from the area in Xiayangzhang village, but Luo says the compensation the government is offering is not enough to cover the expense of building another house.

Two wings of the five-floor building their apartment is in have already been demolished, but the rooms that immediately surround their home have been preserved for their safety.

The road leads to a train station that has been in operation for three years, the China Daily reported.

Earlier this week and closer to home, Quebec ministries were shamed for leaving hydro poles sticking out of the ground in the middle of a roadway since August after a construction company widened a stretch of the road without moving the poles first.

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