London bookies taking bets on name for newly announced royal baby



What’s in a name?

Quite a bit if you’re a royal.

British bookies are taking bets on the what the baby will be called.

Ladbroke’s makes Diana and George the favourite -- both are at 8-1.

While it’s unlikely a girl would be given Diana as a first name, it’s likely William’s mother will be remembered as a second name.

William Hill only gives Diana a 14-1 chance, with George (the Queen’s father) at 10-1 -- along with Elizabeth and Victoria. Ladbroke’s puts Elizabeth at 9-1.

Other favourites are Philip (Prince Philip is close to William) -- which both William Hill and Ladbroke’s tout at 14-1.

Louis (after Prince Philip’s uncle Lord Mountbatten, murdered by the IRA in 1979) and Alexandra (wife of Edward VII) both get a 20-1 chance from Ladbroke’s.

What are the chances a boy would become Henry IX? -- 25-1 according to Ladbrokes, and 20-1 from William Hill, as are both Alice and Catherine.

Least likely names?

Chardonnay is sitting at 1000-1 with William Hill and 250-1 with Ladbroke’s.
William Hill gives Sharon and Wayne 250-1. Waynetta is at 1000/1.

Oliver (40-1 William Hill) isn’t popular -- likely because of its association with civil war leader Oliver Cromwell, who signed the death warrant for Charles I.

Finally, what are the chances of Will and Kate naming the child Arsene -- after the Arsenal football club manager Arsene Wenger?

Not high, says Ladbroke’s -- 500-1 -- especially since William is said to support Aston Villa.
Harry is the Arsenal fan.

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