McDonald's apologizes for serving customer detergent

Credits: REUTERS/Soo Hoo Zheyang


McDonald's has apologized after one of its hamburger joints in northeastern China served a customer detergent instead of Coke.

A woman at the McDonald's in Shenyang grabbed a Coca-Cola cup from the counter after ordering a Coke and gulped it down, the Want China Times reports.

When she experienced a burning sensation in her esophagus, her boyfriend brought her to hospital. The doctors said she was experiencing erosive gastritis.

"This has caused great harm to me and my girlfriend," Mr. Liu told the Chinese-language Beijing News.

When Liu went back to the McDonald's to find out what was in the Coke, an employee admitted he put detergent in a cup and placed it on the counter. The woman took the cup, mistakenly believing it was her order.

The restaurant has apologized and offered financial compensation. The amount hasn't been disclosed.

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