German Cookie Monster apparently returns golden biscuit

A handout picture from Hannoverische Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper shows an extortionist dressed as the 'Cookie Monster

Credits: REUTERS


he giant golden biscuit that a self-proclaimed Cookie Monster stole from a German biscuit-maker last month appears to have been returned.

On Tuesday, a golden biscuit wrapped in a red ribbon appeared on a bronze horse statue in front of Hannover University, The Local reported.

Last month, the large golden Leibniz biscuit that hung for 100 years outside the Hannover headquarters of cookie-maker Bahlsen went missing.

Last week, a local newspaper received a ransom note from the golden biscuit thief, who called himself the Cookie Monster. He demanded Bahlsen distribute cookies to children in a local hospital.

On Monday, the newspaper received a second letter, also made of cut-up words from newspapers, saying the thief planned to return the biscuit.

Police said Tuesday they were checking to determine whether the golden biscuit that appeared around the horse's neck is the missing Leibniz biscuit.

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