Daughter evicting father, 91, from home he built

Credits: GoFundMe


A 91-year-old war veteran is being evicted from the Ohio house he built and has lived in for 56 years after signing over his power of attorney to his only daughter, who allegedly had the property put in her name.

John "Jack" Potter is a Second World War vet, former mayor of Zaleski, Ohio, and is retired from working 30 years as a train dispatcher.

In February, his daughter Janice Cottrill served him an eviction notice, Potter's granddaughter Jaclyn Fraley wrote on a website to raise money to keep his home.

Potter had given Cottrill power of attorney in case he became ill, Fraley said. But Cottrill is accused of using her power of attorney to secretly transfer the home's deed to her name in 2004.

The rest of the family didn't discover the transfer until 2010, Fraley said, and though other family members tried to reverse the allegedly illegal transfer an appeal court ruled the four-year statute of limitations had expired.

Cottrill has gone to court to have Potter forcibly removed, Fraley, 35, Cottrill's daughter, said.

Fraley then set up a campaign on to raise $125,000 so Potter can buy back the home.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the site had raised $44,314.

The eviction is scheduled for June 12, Fraley told ABC News, and Potter, who turns 92 on May 23, will be given the boot unless the money is raised.

Potter has since transferred power of attorney to Fraley, ABC News reported.

Cottrill declined to comment to ABC.

Fraley doesn't think her mother deserves the money, she told the broadcaster. "But my grandfather deserves to stay in his home as long as he possibly can."

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