Philadelphia parents arrested after defending son from bullies

Two Philadelphia parents have been arrested and charged after unlawfully entering a bus and threatening their son’s tormentors

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Two Philadelphia parents were arrested and charged after police say they unlawfully entered a school bus and threatened their son’s tormentors.

Christina and Christopher Gring were outraged last week after their eight-year-old son came home crying, confessing he’d been the victim of bullying on the bus.

Both parents decided to confront the children who had been bullying their son. They allegedly boarded the bus illegally and swore at the students.

Some of the kids on board were terrified by the Grings’ appearance.

"I was crying because I was worried and I was, like, I don't know what happened. I didn't do anything," one student told Fox News.

The North Penn School District released a statement, saying "under no circumstances does NPSD ever want a parent boarding a bus or taking matters into their own hands."

The confrontation drew comments from parents across the school board as well, splitting the large group into two factions.

While some parents argued it was understandable what the Grings did, others argued when they stepped on the bus and began to yell at the children, they were bullying the kids themselves.

Fox News reported that Christina Gring was expected to have been released Nov. 1, while her husband Christopher remains in jail on $10,000 bail.

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